Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Solar PanelR & B Renewables solar panels? can you afford not to?

Solar energy is unquestionably the energy of the future; it’s clean, safe and guaranteed to be free for the next five billion years. When you look at all the advantages of a R & B Renewables photovoltaic installation, you can see why our renewable energy services leave other systems in the shade. Our heartland is the Leeds, Harrogate and Skipton areas of Yorkshire, but we are happy to venture further afield.

  • Reduce your electricity bills
  • Get payments from the Feed in Tariff ? the government pays you a guaranteed rate for every unit of electricity you generate
  • Free electricity all year round whatever the weather
  • Adds value to your home and improves its energy efficiency rating
  • Reduces carbon dioxide emission levels
  • Invest your money in your home and future rather than paying the energy companies.

Energy prices are rising and everything suggests they will continue to do so as we become increasingly dependent on suppliers outside of Europe.

R&B Renewables have access to all MCS approved products and all systems are designed to offer the highest return possible.

Now’s the time to gain control with a renewable, clean and reliable energy source from R & B Renewables.

PV module technology and performance

PV cells can be made from different types of materials but the most popular is crystalline silicon. The main types of commercially available cell technologies are:


PV modules

Hybrid and monocrystalline modules are the most efficient panels (between 13-17%) and are slightly more expensive than polycrystalline modules (between 10-14% efficiency). Choosing the most efficient panels means customers maximize the output of the system under different annual weather conditions and less than optimal installation position for the available roof area. Higher efficiency panels also maximize energy production on smaller roof areas.

This ensures maximum financial benefit from the Feed-in-Tariff and the fastest system payback time.



“At R&B Renewables we aim to achieve the highest performance from our customers’ systems with our renewable energy services given their requirements”

Cell efficiencies, module efficiencies and system efficiencies can be different. Solar cells when manufactured can achieve an efficiency of 20% (i.e. it converts 20% of the sunlight falling on the surface area of the cells’ surface area into electrical energy).

Module efficiency is less because not all of the module surface area is covered by cells. Also, there are spaces between the cells and the module frame also takes up space. The overall efficiency of the installation is called system efficiency and can be reduced due to voltage drop in cables, inverter choice, shading of the PV modules and many other reasons. “Achieving the highest performance from our customers’ PV systems means considering both module and system efficiencies”

R&B Renewables supplies the most efficient PV modules, given our clients’ requirements and available budget and we minimize system efficiency losses to ensure the maximum energy output of the PV system.

Customers wishing to invest in PV modules that generate income for 25 years should also consider how long the performance of the system will last. All of the PV modules we select for our clients are guaranteed to perform at 90% of minimum rated power for a period of 10 years and not less than 80% of minimum rated power for 25 years. It is worth noting that PV panels installed in the 1950’s are still producing 80% of their minimum power rating today.

Technology performance is rapidly improving and so at R&B Renewables we regularly review the MCS products database to add new high performance modules to our own products database.